A simple Intro to What I Believe. My Faith and Mental Health

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I feel that my faith is essential to put out there so that you understand where I am coming from, and I want to be very open and transparent with the blog.

A simple intro to What I believe. My faith and mental health

I feel that my faith is essential to put out there so that you understand where I am coming from, and I want to be very open and transparent with the blog. I also want to stress that what you believe is your convictions, and I will not try to change your beliefs in any way ever!

My Upbringing

I have the most wonderful Grandpa, who is a retired minister. He was preaching when I was a small child through my teen years. I love him immensely! My family was brought up attending church every Wednesday night and every Sunday morning in a Baptist Church.

Today's Practices

 Now I consider myself to be non-denominational though I have not attended church in a very long time. I don’t go because my anxiety gets out of control. I can’t do large churches because the crowd is way too stimulating for me. When I am at a smaller church, I am very paranoid because everyone stands out. I have a church I attend when I can get out of the apartment.

I do practice my faith privately. I pray to God and sing worship songs (horribly off key!) I love to sing, and they say, “Just because I can’t sing it doesn’t mean I won’t” that statement belongs to me! 🙂 I read my Bible and share my thoughts with my family.

My views on faith and mental health

1. Higher power

I feel that regardless of what you believe (it may be Christianity or Islam, Buddism or many other religions), your faith can help you to cope with your mental illnesses. Believing in someone or something of a higher power is really a comfort to most people.

2. Gatherings

 When you find a place you are comfortable gathering, it is rewarding to be with people that think as you do. You may find support people there to help you with your mental health. The Pastor or Leader is there to guide and counsel you, and many are versed in mental health.

3. Suicide and substance abuse

There is research that faith reduces the risk of substance abuse and suicide. I know personally, that it has saved me many times from suicide. At my lowest moments, I turn to God and focus on what He has done for me, and I generally stop right there. Faith teaches life lessons in living a better life.

4. Forgiveness

 Faith also teaches compassion and forgiveness. I know what The Lord says on this subject, and I fall immensely short. It is a constant struggle for me to forgive my abusers. Honestly, it is hard to think the words “I forgive you” to those people. I am still not there in my heart, but that doesn’t mean that I am not trying.

5. Meditation

I spoke on this in my post “Four Great Tips to Battle Depression.” My Doctors would just say to meditate, and I never understood what they meant. I looked up the word mediate; this is quoted from the Webster’s dictionary.

intransitive verb 1: to engage in contemplation or reflection. He meditated long and hard before announcing his decision. 2: to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness."

I remember when I looked this up, It was an AH moment for me, and I instantly thought it reminded me of prayers. Sometimes prayers can be reciting the Lord’s Prayer or saying your own personal devotions.

6. sense of belonging

 Faith can be for anyone. Anyone can believe what they choose and practice with other believers. It gives you a feeling that you are not alone; other people have the same thoughts and convictions. Mental illness is a lonely feeling. I had often wondered if anyone in the entire world could be as sad as I was at a given moment and remember people in the Bible who were, in fact, miserable in their lives before they turned to Jesus.


You will always be welcome at Butterflies and Tulips Blog regardless of your belief or even non-belief. I wrote this post to share where my ideas come from and how I live so that you can see the true me in my words. It is NOT to sway your thinking by no means. If you are interested in learning more about my faith, contact me by email, I will always happily share.

Please tell me what you believe in the comments! It would greatly help me to gear my posts to everyone.

If you read the Bible, what is your favorite verse? Please Comment!
Mine is Psalm 16:8
I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

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  1. I’m sad for the abuse and difficulties you have experienced, Danielle, but I am so thankful you have found the love of the Lord, the love of your husband, and your grandpa. I pray the wounds continue to heal and that the scars are a testimony of His faithfulness to heal and redeem.

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