Amazing Facts About The Advantage Of Social Media

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The Advantage of social media can be seen in how it affects people's lives and businesses. It has pros and cons, but we will be looking at the good!

Amazing Facts About The Advantage Of Social Media

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If you are a Gen X Baby, you know what the world was like before social media! Some of the changes it has brought have some people thinking it is terrible, but some good can come from it too!

Here is some facts

  1. Global awareness and connections
  2. Information
  3. World Causes
  4. Business Traffic 
  5. Business customer connections

Global Awareness and Connections

One advantage is Global Awareness and connections. You can read, see and communicate what is happening all over the planet wherever you can log in, that is! I have a personal example of this. I have a family that I used to sponsor through an organization, they aged out of the program, but we have found each other on social media. I now know all the happenings in a village located in the Philippines.


Say you live in the USA and you have family in the UK. Any news that is happening there will easily be found on Social Media. No one will want to hear bad news, but you would like to know if there is a storm, fire, or war. It can alert the communities there as well if danger is close. Anyone can quickly spread information across the world.

World Causes

It is bringing awareness to a cause. Some people bring awareness to different causes like cancer or, like me, mental illness. It can help support research and is an outreach for donations. Social media can be a support for people who are dealing with these issues as well. It does not have to be only illnesses. There are so many causes worldwide that need attention, such as human trafficking.

Business Traffic

I use social media to bring people to my blog. I share helpful and also entertaining articles. My blog is to bring awareness to mental health issues and people who have suffered abuse. I know many blog owners also use social media to bring in traffic. Some traffic is for sales, others for information, and still others for content creation. Customers or readers can easily find what they are looking for.

Business Customer Connections

An advantage for businesses is that they can interact with their customers. Customers can contact them, leave reviews, and recommend their services to friends and family. The company can use polls or surveys to determine its customers’ needs. They can develop new products or update existing ones by identifying the markets. They can also use ads to promote their products.


WOW, this could be like writing a book! There are so many platforms that I don’t even know all of them! I try to be among the most popular ones for the blog. I have a spreadsheet that I will share here with everywhere you can find Butterflies and Tulips Blog!

It takes some serious time to interact with each one of these platforms. Each of them has its messaging system, and people leave messages and comments, and honestly, it takes a lot of work, BUT I love it! I love interacting with people who read my blog.

I would easily say I am on social media the same amount of time it takes me to research, write and publish a post. I am either updating and posting or responding to messages and comments.

Here is everywhere you can find Butterflies and Tulips Blog.

Ok, so you are probably wondering if I have a life anymore. I DO! I use a scheduling system to help with some of my social media. I am going to talk about it here. 

I plan on making a page telling all the stuff I use for the blog at a different time, but I had to share this one right away! It’s not just for bloggers! Small businesses can use it, or someone who is a social media influencer or who just loves social media and wants to engage with their followers. 

Please be aware that I will share an affiliate link to the program. That means I will get a small commission if you upgrade to a paid plan (at no cost to you). If you want more information check out my disclosure page here.

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Another Advantage Of Social Media

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My secret is Tailwind! It lets you post to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook when you set it up! It has an intelligent scheduler that lets you know when your audience is on each platform so you can post at the correct times.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard and my calendar for this week.

Advantage Of Social Media calendar

Not only can you schedule everything, which is fantastic enough you can also create pins and feed posts! I will show you a sample of a pin I will create with all my brand colors and fonts.

Advantage Of Social Media create
Advantage Of Social Media PIN

I just uploaded my image and the headline to this text, and 100 designs populated with my branding are already in place. I just picked the one I liked the best and downloaded it for this post. The designs change constantly, so you aren’t using the same ones repeatedly. You can create pins for Pinterest, Instagram stories or feed posts, and Facebook feeds here!

I am not being asked to advertise this program. I generally want to do it because it is that good! It saves me hours and hours of work! I can focus on my blog, and when on social media, I can like, comment, and message my readers, friends, and family. I don’t have to worry about all the postings and when to post times.

More Advantages of Social Media

A fun fact, I don’t know who you are, but my blog says most of my traffic is between 5 am and 7 am. I write my blog posts beforehand and schedule them to publish at 4 am every day except Sunday. I DO wake up early, but I am not publishing at 4 am every day.

It is the same with social media. Think about it, Do you get online at about the same time every day? I do! I am busy most of the daytime and get online in the evenings. I would say safely that I am on Facebook for personal reasons around 7 pm.

Tailwind sees people interact with my social media blog stuff (I don’t use it for personal accounts) and lets me know that is when my readers are online. I think it is so smart!

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Thank you for reading my posts always! I hope this information finds who it will benefit, and I hope you follow some or all of my accounts on social media!

Leave me a comment if you have ideas you would like to see on Social media or the blog!


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