MRR Digital Papers Set 42

MRR Digital Papers Set 42

Welcome Digital and Printable Sellers! 


Are you looking for a really quick way to create unique products that you can list in your shop? I would say that one of the fastest ways to repurpose printables is to change the backgrounds! It gives you a totally new look in seconds! 


These digital paper sets will give you tons of options in your creative processes! My favorite way to use them is in Canva Custom Frames! 


These Digital Papers Come With Full Commercial Use Rights (MRR) 

You are free to use this set of digital papers in any of your creations! You can use them to create other commercial use products! 

You CAN NOT sell this set as a stand-alone digital product. They must be used to create other products. 

What is Special About These Digital Papers? 

They were created using the AI Mid Journey! At this time, they are not posted anywhere else on the internet! 

This set of 30 Images has been enhanced to the size of 12 x 12 in and a resolution of 300 DPI. 

Let’s see them! 

What Can I Do With Digital Papers? 

  • PLR Commercial Use Digital and Printables: They can serve as backgrounds or elements in digital or physical projects. 

  • Use with Canva Custom Frames: Create unique elements for your digital and printable products when you combine with Canva custom frames

  • Printable Stationery: Create custom stationery for personal or business use.

  • Digital Planners and Journals: Use them as backgrounds or elements in digital planners or journals.

  • Etsy Shop Products: If you have an Etsy shop, they can be used in your products, like printable planners, journals, or stickers

  • Card Making: Use them as backgrounds or cut them into shapes for handmade cards.

  • Invitations: Design invitations for events like weddings, birthdays, or parties.

  • Art Journals: Use them as backgrounds or collage elements in art journaling.

  • Digital Design: Use them as backgrounds or textures in graphic design projects, such as posters, flyers, or social media graphics.

  • Web Design: Incorporate them into website designs as backgrounds or elements for buttons, headers, etc.

  • Craft Projects: Incorporate them into various crafts like decoupage, mixed media, or home decor.

  • Printable Art: Create wall art for home decoration.

  • Backgrounds for Presentations: Use them as backgrounds for PowerPoint or other presentation software.

  • Digital Marketing Materials: Use them in email newsletters, social media posts, or blog graphics.

  • Textile Design: If you have a textile business, you could use them in fabric design.

  • Party Printables: Design banners, cupcake toppers, and other party decorations.

  • Wrapping Paper: Create custom wrapping paper for gifts.

  • School Projects: Use them in presentations or reports for school projects.

  • Product Packaging: Use them as backgrounds for product labels or packaging.

  • Mood Boards: Create visual mood boards for design inspiration.

  • Backgrounds for Videos or Live Streams: Use them in video content for YouTube or live streams on platforms like Twitch.

  • Scrapbooking: They can serve as backgrounds or elements in digital or physical scrapbooking projects.

Full Commerical Use MRR License Terms

You CAN rebrand, customize, add or remove any elements to the papers

You CAN sell as digital and/or physical products of new products 

You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of other digital products and physical products that you sell to your customer

You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of various marketing materials for your business promotional purposes.

You CAN use the graphics in products that you use as lead magnets/opt-ins.

This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped

You will have instant access to this product once the payment is complete. 

Due to its digital nature, no refunds will be issued. I do strive to offer excellent customer service! If you have an issue please reach out to me at


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