Announcing Facebook Is A Cooler Social Media Platform Than Twitter

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Facebook is a cooler social media platform than Twitter! Do you agree with me? Come in and see why I am making this statement! Please share your opinions with me.

Long and Short Reviews have been doing a Blog hop all year on Wednesdays! My good friend over at DV Walking Wounded clued me in on the fun, and I decided to join in for the rest of the year. So every Wednesday, they have a topic, and each blogger who participates writes a post. Readers can go to the Long and Short Reviews page, see all the blogs, and read everyone’s different posts! It is a great idea!

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This Week’s Topic is: Favorite Social Media Platform and Why 

Announcing Facebook Is A Cooler Social Media Platform Than Twitter


I wasn’t sure exactly which social media platform I would select until I did a bit of keyword research. I use Keysearch for my research for the BlogBlog. 

I typed in “social media platform” and started hunting for some search volumes. I am not surprised that I came across ” Facebook is a cooler social media platform than Twitter.” as a keyword with a search volume of 880. I picked my platform! 🙂 


I would have selected Facebook even if it were not for this keyword. Facebook is the first social media platform that I used. I started when it first came online and became popular. I started my account in 2007. 

In researching for this post, I just read the history of Facebook in Encyclopaedia Britannica. It is an interesting article that tells of the company’s evolution. 

Facebook Features

Basically, we have a profile “wall” that we can customize with a banner and a profile picture, a brief introduction, and personal details like relationship status and where we work. On that wall, we post status updates, including pictures and videos. We can also share other users’ posts on our walls. 

We can connect to other users and interact with them by writing on their walls, commenting on their posts, or sending them a message. There is also the popular feature of reactions to a post, for example, a “like,” a “heart,” and an “angry face.” 

Facebook is a cooler social media platform than Twitter main 2 - small image with reaction buttons found on facebook, small and round thumbs up, heart, care, happy, wow, cry, angry

To tie this all together is the newsfeed where all our “friends” updates are in one place. In addition to updates are the paid ads that fund facebook on the newsfeed. 

We can also create and join groups. These groups can be a place for like-minded users to get together and discuss the group’s main interests.

Groups can be about anything from hobbies, to fan sites, and even religious affiliations.  

We can create and manage pages for our businesses or hobbies that other users can like and follow to see updates and get information.

Some newer features are “Live” and “Reels,” made up of videos. Videos are rapidly becoming a new thing in the social media world. 

Facebook is a cooler social media platform than Twitter main 3 - white background with facebook logo and meta logo

Facebook vs. Twitter 

Seeing how my keyword is “Facebook is a cooler social media platform than Twitter,” We need to see why people might be searching for this. 

Twitter is more informational, with quick “tweets,” whereas Facebook is more about connecting with other users and sharing deeper content. 

I honestly think it is just user preferences for what we might think is better! 

Facebook Funnies 

This commercial is about some sweet little ladies using “Facebook.”

“That is NOT how this works!” 

When I sat down to write this post, I 100% knew I MUST include that commercial! I love it!

There are pages upon pages of memes about Facebook on Google Images. I wanted to snag some funny ones to include in this post but thought better of it because of copywriting issues! 

My Facebook Activities 

I must admit I am a tad bit addicted to Facebook. I use it for my personal account to stay connected to friends and family. I also use it for this Blog. I am a part of many groups on Facebook that revolve around blogs. I find a lot of helpful information there and can ask questions to other bloggers. 

Some of the main groups of this nature that I use are 

These groups have share threads we can participate in to promote our Blogs. 

I am definitely going to take advantage of this post to share my own Facebook page that I created for this Blog. It is Butterflies and Tulips Blog Page. I have my WordPress account set up to automatically post to my Facebook page whenever I publish a new post. 

I also auto-share to Facebook from Tailwind, which you can learn about in Amazing Facts About The Advantage Of Social Media


I love Facebook because it is really what I am used to. I like to keep my personal and business accounts tied together, so I am not logging in and out of them. 

I learn a lot from the groups and have met many very nice people from them. 

I get annoyed when my friends get put in jail for sharing something that was already on Facebook. I have yet to have this problem because I rarely post controversial posts. I stick to cute and happy! 

I want to say that I SO enjoy Blog Hop, and I wish I had found it much earlier in the year. To Long and Short Reviews, thank you for creating this! I hope that you do it again next year. 

If you agree with me and like these types of posts, please leave me a comment! 

What is YOUR favorite social media platform? Let me know below in the comments, AND share this post! 

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4 responses to “Announcing Facebook Is A Cooler Social Media Platform Than Twitter”

  1. Patrick Prescott Avatar

    Wow, what a well-researched and thoughtful answer.

  2. Kel @ rewriting kel Avatar

    I love how detailed your posts always are. You put such thought into it all.

    1. Danielle Maxwell Avatar

      Hi Kel, Thank you so much for your super kind words! You do not know how much I needed this encouragement tonight!

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