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Introducing PLR Canva Templates Mini Ebook - "Banish the Lunchbox Blues"

Mini Ebook

This Canva Template is Completely Editable

Busy Parents! These templates are ready to use! They can easily be downloaded and printed from your totally free Canva account! 

Leave this commercial use Canva Template “Mini Ebook – Banish the Lunchbox Blues” as is and sell it as your own, change font and color to match your brand, or totally go nuts with it and swap out all the graphics and make it something new! 

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mini ebook lunchbox blues
  • Time-Saving Convenience: Save hours of design work with our ready-to-use Canva templates, allowing you to quickly create high-quality products to meet the demands of your customers.
  • Customizable and Brandable: Easily customize the templates to match your unique branding and style, ensuring a consistent and professional look across all your products.
  • Versatile Options: With 10 pages of templates at your fingertips, you can offer a wide variety of lunch meal planning resources, capturing the attention of diverse customer needs and preferences.
  • Profitable Back-to-School Season: Maximize your earnings during the busy back-to-school period as moms seek organizational tools and meal planning resources to make their lives easier.
  • High-Quality Design: Impress your customers with visually appealing and user-friendly templates that have been meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both moms and business owners.
  • Expertly Crafted Content: The templates include expertly written prompts and sections, ensuring that your customers receive valuable and actionable meal planning guidance.

Remember, “Banish the Lunchbox Blues” PLR Canva Templates provide you with the tools to tap into the back-to-school market and cater to the needs of busy moms seeking efficient meal planning solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business and delight your customers. Claim your templates today and experience the benefits firsthand!

Buy it Now for $7

PLR License Terms

You CAN re-brand, customize, add or remove any elements to and from the pages.
You CAN sell pages as digital and/or physical products to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of other digital products and physical products that you sell to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of various marketing materials for your business promotional purposes.
You CAN use pages and the graphics in products that you use as lead magnets/opt-ins.
You CANNOT re-sell the private label rights of these coloring pages and graphics to your customers. 
This means that you CANNOT use these pages or graphics to create other PLR products.

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