Discover the Biggest Favorites in a Crocheters Interview

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This Crocheters Interview was so fun! See what four friends had to say about all things crochet!

Discover the Biggest Favorites in a Crocheters Interview

I sat down to plan a blog post about crochet and instead got sucked into Facebook! While online, I chatted with friends, looked at groups (about crochet), and wondered what I might want to write. I started to message a friend to bounce ideas off but realized it was late at night, and I should probably not disturb her. I wrote down a few questions on my To Do list and called it a night! I thought it would be great to ask some of my crocheters friends questions.

My crochet Bff’s are Connie, Kay, and Nella. I love these ladies! I have known them all for some time. We met on Facebook, Connie and Kay are in a crochet group, and Ms. Nella is practically family from out of state.
I treasure their friendship and value their thoughts and opinions on crochet, among other things!

These are the Questions I asked my friends; My friends’ responses are listed in alphabetical order.

How did you learn to crochet? What was your first project? Were you successful with your first project? If not, what went wrong?

My mom taught me to crochet. She had taught herself with books and many tears and wanted to make sure I knew how to crochet. My first project was a doily with my mom by my side. It turned out beautifully but a little tight on the stitches. I just needed to Learn to relax and get my tension even.

I learned to crochet back in 2019 and am self-taught, really, and learned a bit off youtube. I think my first project was a market bag or a drink cozy. I think I did ok, and had some help from friends if I had a question when I hit a roadblock.

I learned from my mom. She was an afghan maker. We had a different one on the back of our sofa all the time. My first project was actually a 10 x 10 single crochet square. When my mom was teaching me, she was pretty stingy with yarn, lol! She wouldn't let me have new yarn or move on to different stitches until I mastered the 10 x 10. It took quite a while to get my square to be an actual square. What went wrong? For starters, you have to bear in mind that I was only about 7 or 8 years old when my mom started teaching me how to crochet. Aside from tension issues, I had an awful habit of either adding stitches or forgetting my turning chain, making me drop a stitch. You wouldn't think a 10 X 10 square would be that difficult, but I didn't think I'd ever get it right!

I am self-taught! I learned from YouTube. My Great Grandma crocheted, and I found her hooks and wanted to know how to use them. She always made beautiful things. My 1st project was going to be a granny square blanket for a KING sized bed! YEAH! Big ambition there! I was NOT successful with my project! To start, my squares were not all square. They were not all the same size and looked weird due to poor tension. I then realized that the size of my bed and the squares would not work!

What do you find the most challenging in crochet work?

Color changes and new stitches I've never worked with before, or new patterns that are more expert-level crochet

I would think clothes would be challenging as I have yet to do a sweater or top

Working in the round. The joining with the slip stitch at the beginning of the round always throws me off. I either join in the wrong stitch, or I end up having a very visible seam. My other challenge is gauging. I tend to crochet tightly. When I'm trying to crochet an article of clothing or something where size is important, I usually have to use a hook that's 2 or 3 times larger than the pattern calls for.

I would say joining or working in the round. I have a horrible time with the seam. I also have problems looking at how to make a stitch from a diagram; if it is a pattern written, I can figure it out, but if it is a small image showing how to move the hook, I can not grasp that.

What are your favorite projects to work on? (i.e., blankets, dishcloths, etc.)

OH, I would say that changes with me. I enjoy afghans, dishcloths, cardigans, and pumpkins!

Oh, my favorite projects would be when I crocheted tear drop-shaped baskets for rehabbed baby squirrel bands, donated them, and did a bunch of cat mats. But I enjoy making scrubbies, dishcloths, scarves, and smaller projects that I can do fast and see the results right away.

I have a couple of favorite projects. Generally, anything relatively small is my go-to. I have a touch of ADD. I want instant gratification. Doing smaller projects gives me more finished products to show for my time. Lapghans, dish clothes, and tops are my true favorites. Tank tops, sweaters, stuff like that

I LOVE the pattern Cyrstal waves. I found the original design on YouTube. It is designed initially as a baby blanket. I have mainly changed it to be the size of a throw and have also done it as a twin bed blanket. This pattern is beautiful and mindless; you can talk, listen to music or watch tv while crocheting it. The finished item looks like you worked really hard on it; it's super easy!

You can find the pattern for Crystal Waves Baby Blanket and YouTube video with the links 

What are your least favorite projects? Why?


Not sure what my least favorite is, really as projects I thought might be hard ended up not being as bad, and others that I thought would be easy were harder; I think the ability to read the pattern and use the correct yarn is huge. I do not like doing a pattern where the yarn has been discontinued, and trying to find a similar yarn can be a nightmare.

If I HAVE to choose a least favorite project, I guess I would have to say full blankets. Why? They seem to take forever, and they get super awkward to work on, the larger they get. Especially if you don't have a set place to work on your crochet or if you have a pet. I have a cat whose eyes light up every time he sees me pick up a hook.

Amigurumi, I can not crochet that tight. I have tried a few times, and nothing "shapes" the way it is supposed to look, and it is not close enough.

What is your favorite brand of hook, and why?

Furls! Because I have rheumatoid arthritis and always have pain in my hands and fingers. These hooks allow me to crochet for long lengths of time.

Oh my hooks, that is a tough one I can't even remember what I started with, but I say Furls, Tulip, Clover, and Knitters Pride are some of my favorites, but my go-to lately has been Tulip; I just seem to have less trouble with them no matter the yarn. The others I tend to bounce around using, as sometimes I need a wood hook, depending on the project or stitch.

Instead of a favorite brand, I think I'd have to say I have a favorite STYLE of hook. I prefer the Susan Bates-style hook. It's a sharper hook with a pointier tip, perfect for someone who uses extra tension when they crochet, just like I do.

I have a few favorites! Furls is number one; the hooks are beautiful and excellent on the hands. I have also discovered Nelsonwood. This creator is top-notch! I have a few custom hooks that would just take your breath away! He does a hook of the month that is at a special price. I always want them all! I also like hooks bought at the stores; I have hooks from popular brands and love them all for different projects

Which size hook do you favor?

I prefer size 8

I crochet right-handed and favor a tapered hook over an inline style

I don't necessarily have a favorite hook size. Because of my tight style, if I want anything with some give or flow, I need to use a larger hook. My washcloths tend to be stiff, the way I prefer a washcloth to be, so standard cotton yarn with a G Hook makes a perfect combo.

My favorite sizes are G, G+, and H because the tension that I use is usually loose, and these hooks typically give off the flow that I like.

What type of yarn do you like most? What yarn do you avoid at ALL COSTS?

My go-to yarn is Hobby Lobby. I love this yarn! I avoid Red Heart Super saver.

Oh yarn gee, I am feel like I am still a newbie here and still learning about all the different yarns that are out there; I just know that its frustrating to find a pattern, but the yarn has been discontinued, and searching for a substitute yarn can be exhausting.

I'd have to say Red Heart Super Saver. For one, it's budget-friendly, and there are many colors, solid as well as variegated. Two, it's carried by Wal-Mart. I know a lot of people shun stores that may not be true craft stores, but when it's the most convenient, beggars can't be choosers. I think the biggest reason I prefer it, though, is there are no Dye Lot numbers to worry about. I can't judge how much yarn I need for a project, to save my life! I'll buy what I think will be enough and end up needing more. That's when no Dye Lot really comes in handy. What yarn do I avoid at ALL COSTS? Chenille! As tightly as I crochet, I can snap chenille in a heartbeat. I love the look and the feel of it, but I've tried working with it enough to know when to stop trying.

I am obsessed with yarn! I think collecting yarn is as much a hobby as crocheting! I think my very favorite is from a company called Hobbii, which is a specialty store in Denmark. They have their brand, which is a mix of cotton, bamboo, acrylics, ribbon, and much more, saying that is when I can afford those and pay enough not to pay the shipping costs. If I am on a budget (which is most of the time), I like Hobby Lobby brand yarn, red heart super saver, and Joann fabrics brand for worsted weight. I avoid super thin yarns; I crochet so loose that it doesn't look nice!


I have learned that writing a pattern is an art as I have boughten a couple and for the life of me can not follow or understand the designer at all never to make the pattern even though it was lovely. The designer did it, so for now, I stick to designers I can follow and finish a project to then give as a gift which I one of the reasons I learned to crochet. I have found that people in the crochet community are, as a whole, very friendly, and I have met some wonderful friends all over the world that truly seem to care about our friendship.

I have never sold anything I crochet. They are always gifts or donations. I love seeing someone smile and appreciate something I made for them! It really brings joy to my heart!

I hope you enjoyed reading our answers! I loved doing this! This post is my first interview on Butterflies and Tulips Blog!

Some of the Sites I mentioned,

Furls – Crochet Hooks

Nelsonwood – Crochet hooks

Hobbii – Yarn

Let me know what you think! If you crochet, answer your favorite questions in the comments!

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