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deluxe blogger toolkit

This Canva Template is Completely Editable

Leave this commercial use Canva Template “Deluxe Blogger Content Toolkit” as is and sell it as your own, change font and color to match your brand, or totally go nuts with it and swap out all the graphics and make it something new! 

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Are you a blogger yearning to transform your content into a visual masterpiece? Do you dream of captivating your readers, driving traffic to your site, and turning your blog into a profitable venture? Look no further! The Commercial Use Deluxe Blogger Canva Templates Toolkit is here to revolutionize your blogging journey.

List of items in the Deluxe Content is King Blogger Content Toolkit with Commercial rights 

Content Calendar Instructions 

Seasonal Content Calendar 

Social Media Content Checklist

January – December Undated 

Content Ideas 

Keyword Research 

Blog Post Planner 

30 point Blog Post Checklist 

SEO Optimization 

Content Upgrade Worksheet

Content Cluster  Ideas

Social Media Promotion

Guest Post Tracker

Affiliate Marketing Planner

Affiliate Marketing Metrics

Product Review Template pg 1

Product Review Template pg 2

Interview Questions pg 1

Interview Questions pg 2

Video Content Planner pg 1

Video Content Planner pg 2

Email Template Pg 1

Email Template Pg 2

Content Repurposing Worksheet

Content Collaboration Planner

Webinar Planning Sheet Pg 1

Webinar Planning Sheet Pg 2

Webinar Planning Sheet Pg 3

Podcast Episode Planner

Content Inventory Checklist – Blog Posts

Content Inventory Checklist – Podcast

Content Inventory Checklist – Infographics

Content Inventory Checklist – Guides and Ebooks

Content Inventory Checklist – Templates

Content Inventory Checklist – Printables

Content Inventory Checklist – Guest Posts

Content Inventory Checklist – Webinar

Content Inventory Checklist – Online Courses

Content Inventory Checklist – Interviews

Content Inventory Checklist – Social Media – Facebook

Content Inventory Checklist – Social Media – Instagram

Content Inventory Checklist – Social Media – Twitter

Content Inventory Checklist – Items I Have Bought 

Blogging Goals Worksheet

Brand Collaboration Tracker pg 1 

Brand Collaboration Tracker pg 2

Trend Analysis Sheet pg 1 

Trend Analysis Sheet pg 2

Evergreen Content Planner

Content Promotion Checklist

Writing Prompt Sheet

Content Marketing Metrics pg 1

Content Marketing Metrics pg 2

Content Marketing Metrics pg 3

Content Marketing Metrics pg 4

Content Marketing Metrics pg 5

Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet

Content Distribution Strategy Planner

Competitive Analysis Template pg 1

Competitive Analysis Template pg 2

Visual Content Style Guide

Influencer Outreach Template pg 1

Influencer Outreach Template pg 2

Content Feedback Survey

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to revolutionize your blogging journey. Join the ranks of successful bloggers who have harnessed the power of our Commercial Use Deluxe Blogger Canva Templates Toolkit. Elevate your blog today!

PLR License Terms

You CAN re-brand, customize, add or remove any elements to and from the pages.
You CAN sell pages as digital and/or physical products to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of other digital products and physical products that you sell to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of various marketing materials for your business promotional purposes.
You CAN use pages and the graphics in products that you use as lead magnets/opt-ins.
You CANNOT re-sell the private label rights of these coloring pages and graphics to your customers. 
This means that you CANNOT use these pages or graphics to create other PLR products.


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