Discover How To Keep A Clean Apartment: Expert Tips And Tricks

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Discover easy tips on how to keep a clean apartment and maintain a tidy living space. Learn practical cleaning habits for a healthier and more organized home.

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Introduction to Discover How To Keep A Clean Apartment: Expert Tips And Tricks

Apartment living can be a fantastic way to save money and simplify your life. However, it also means that every square inch counts, and maintaining a tidy living space are crucial to thoroughly enjoying it. 

When you reside in a small apartment, even a little clutter or mess can quickly make it feel cramped and overwhelming. That’s why it’s essential to develop effective cleaning habits and strategies that help you keep your apartment clean and organized regularly. 

In this article, we’ll share our expert tips and tricks for cleaning a small apartment, so you can relish in a comfortable and clutter-free living space without the stress and hassle. 

Tip 1: Focus on High-Traffic Areas

I know how tough it can be to keep a small apartment clean, especially when you’re busy and always on the go and do not want to pay for cleaning services. But did you know that by focusing on high-traffic areas, like your entryway, kitchen, and bathroom, you can make a big difference in how clean your space feels?

Think about it: these areas tend to get dirty more quickly because you use them so often. But don’t worry. I’ve got some quick and easy cleaning tasks that you can do in just a few minutes to keep these areas clean and fresh.

First, let’s start with the kitchen. You can wipe down the counters and sweep or vacuum the floors to remove any crumbs or debris that have accumulated. Don’t forget to quickly clean any dirty dishes that may be lying around – this can help prevent odors and bacteria from building up.

Next up, the bathroom. You can tackle the toilet and sink by giving them a quick wipe-down with some cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. This will help keep them free of any grime or germs that may be lurking. And if you’re really short on time, just give the toilet bowl a quick scrub with a toilet brush – it’ll only take a minute or two!

By focusing on these high-traffic areas and doing some quick cleaning tasks, you can help ensure that your apartment stays clean and inviting, even when you’re busy with other things. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how much of a difference it can make!

Tip 2: Use Multi-Tasking Cleaning Tools

When you live in a small apartment, you want to make the most out of every cleaning task. That’s where multi-tasking cleaning tools come in. These tools can save you time and effort while still providing excellent cleaning results.

One example of a multi-tasking cleaning tool is a vacuum with attachments. You can use the vacuum to clean floors, furniture, and curtains all with one tool. Attachments like a crevice tool and a dusting brush make it easy to get into tight spaces and clean hard-to-reach areas.

I found this Eureka Lightweight, Powerful, Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets and Hard Floors on Amazon. Most of the vacuums I found were extremely costly. This handy vacuum has very high reviews, which have been reviewed 9,066 times at the time of this writing. It is a 4.5-star product and under $100! 

Another great multi-tasking cleaning tool is a microfiber cloth. These clothes are great for dusting and wiping down surfaces. They’re effective at trapping dust and dirt, and they’re gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces like glass and mirrors. Plus, you can use them dry or damp, depending on the cleaning task at hand.

When using multi-tasking cleaning tools, be sure to use the right tool for the job. For example, a vacuum may not be the best choice for cleaning delicate surfaces, while a microfiber cloth may not be ideal for cleaning large areas. By using the right tool for each cleaning task, you can make cleaning as efficient as possible.

In addition to multi-tasking cleaning tools, it’s also a good idea to have a designated cleaning caddy or basket with all the essential cleaning supplies. 

This can save you time and effort when it comes to cleaning your small apartment. Keep your cleaning supplies well-stocked and organized so that you can quickly grab what you need and get to work.

With the right tools and organization, you can keep your small apartment clean and be clutter-free without spending hours on cleaning tasks. Use these tips to develop effective cleaning habits and strategies that work for your unique space and lifestyle.

Tip 3: Implement a Cleaning Schedule

Another excellent tip for keeping your small apartment clean is to implement a cleaning schedule. Trust me, having a set routine makes all the difference in keeping your space organized and tidy.

Start by breaking down your cleaning tasks either by day or by room. For example, you might dedicate Monday to cleaning the bathroom and Tuesday to tackling the kitchen. 

Alternatively, you could focus on cleaning one room per day, such as dusting and vacuuming the living room on Mondays and deep cleaning the bedroom on Thursdays.

Once you’ve established a schedule that works for you, try to stick to it as much as possible. This will make cleaning a routine part of your day, and you’ll be less likely to put it off or let things pile up. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

I want to show you a sample cleaning schedule using my apartment as an example. My apartment is two bedrooms and two full bathrooms with an open kitchen, dining area, and living room. Let’s look at cleaning days!

Daily Tasks:

  • Wipe down kitchen counters and stove after cooking
  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Sweep or vacuum floors as needed
  • Spot clean any spills or messes
  • Wipe down bathroom counters and sink
  • Hang towels to dry

Weekly Tasks:


  • Vacuum and dust the living room and dining room
  • Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Clean bathroom toilets, tubs, and shower
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Change bed linens in the main bedroom


  • Vacuum and dust the 2nd bedroom
  • Clean the 2nd bathroom
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances and cabinets
  • Clean the microwave
  • Dust any surfaces


  • Vacuum or sweep and mop floors throughout the apartment
  • Wipe down baseboards and any high-touch areas like light switches
  • Dust any surfaces in the bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Water indoor plants


  • Vacuum or sweep and mop floors throughout the apartment
  • Clean the oven and stove
  • Dust any surfaces in the living room and dining room
  • Clean the front door and entryway


  • Do laundry
  • Take out any trash or recycling
  • Clean any remaining areas that need attention

Monthly Tasks:

  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean the range hood and vent
  • Dust any blinds and curtains
  • Clean any ceiling fans
  • Clean any rugs or carpets

Remember, this is just a sample routine and you can adjust it to fit your own needs and schedule.

I had to do some hunting, but I found a picture of my actual apartment building! My friends and family will recognize this photo. We have lived in this complex for a combined 11 years now. It is very quiet here, and we love it! 

How to keep a clean apartment 03 - picture of my apartment bulding

Tip 4: Break Down Larger Tasks

When it comes to cleaning your small apartment, you may find that some tasks feel overwhelming. For example, deep cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing the kitchen floor may seem daunting tasks that you’d rather avoid. However, breaking down large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones can make a big difference.

One way to do this is to divide the task into smaller parts. For example, if you need to deep clean the bathroom, you can break it down into separate tasks like cleaning the toilet, sink, and shower/tub. 

Focus on one task at a time, and don’t move on until it’s complete. This can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and make the task feel less daunting.

Another way to break down larger tasks is to assign them to specific days or times in your cleaning schedule. One way to approach an immense task like deep cleaning the kitchen is to allocate a particular day for it. 

After that, you can break down the task into smaller, manageable tasks such as wiping down counters, cleaning the stove, and mopping floors. By spreading out the tasks, you can make them feel more manageable and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Remember, the key is approaching larger tasks with a plan and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. 

This can help you stay motivated and avoid feeling overwhelmed, making cleaning your small apartment feel like a more achievable task.

Once you’ve broken down large tasks into smaller ones, it’s essential to prioritize them based on their importance and urgency. For example, cleaning the bathroom might be more important than dusting the living room. 

By prioritizing tasks, you can make sure that you’re always tackling the most important things first and not wasting time on tasks that can wait.

One helpful tip is to use a cleaning checklist to keep track of tasks and prioritize them accordingly. You can create a checklist for each room or for each day of the week, depending on your preferences. 

A cleaning checklist can also help you stay motivated and ensure that you don’t forget any essential tasks.

Another way to break down larger tasks is to delegate them to different days or different people. If you have roommates or family members living with you, you can assign cleaning tasks to different people based on their strengths and availability. 

This can help make cleaning more manageable and less overwhelming for everyone involved.

Overall, breaking down larger cleaning tasks into smaller ones and prioritizing them based on importance and urgency can help you stay on top of your cleaning routine and keep your apartment in tip-top shape.

Tip 5: Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

One of the best ways to keep your small apartment clean is to make sure you always have the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. 

This means keeping them in an easily accessible location so you don’t have to go searching for them when it’s time to clean.

First things first, you’ll need to create a list of the cleaning supplies you need. This might include things like 

  • all-purpose cleaner, 
  • glass cleaner, 
  • dusting spray, 
  • disinfectant wipes, 
  • sponges, 
  • a vacuum cleaner, and 
  • a broom and dustpan. 

Once you have your list, it’s time to stock up.

You don’t have to break the bank to get all the cleaning supplies you need. In fact, many of them can be found at your local dollar store or discount store. Just make sure to read the labels and look for brands that are known for being effective.

Once you have your supplies, you’ll need to find a place to store them. If you have a small apartment, storage space can be at a premium, so you’ll need to get creative. 

Some ideas might include using a caddy or tote to keep all your supplies in one place or installing a small shelf or organizer in a closet or under the sink.

The key is to make sure your cleaning supplies are easily accessible when you need them. That way, you can quickly and efficiently clean up any messes or spills before they have a chance to become bigger problems.

Remember, keeping your small apartment clean and tidy doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little planning and preparation, you can easily stay on top of cleaning tasks and enjoy a comfortable and clutter-free living space.

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Tip 6: 15-Minute Trick 

I know that feeling when you have a million things to do and no time to clean up your place. But I’ve got a nifty little trick that might just make your life a little bit easier.

All you need to do is set a timer for just 15 minutes and focus on one task each day. Trust me. Your place will look and feel so much better in no time.  

I absolutely promise you that! And the best part is, you won’t believe how much you can get done in just 15 minutes.

Let me give you some examples of what you can achieve in just 15 minutes.

First off, start with the laundry. Gather up any dirty clothes and toss them into the washing machine. Then set the timer and move on to the next task. That way, your clothes can be washed while you’re doing other things.

Next up, take a quick tour of your living space and pick up any clutter. Simply put everything back in its rightful place, and you’ll be amazed at how much neater everything looks.

Another great task to tackle in 15 minutes is wiping down surfaces. Grab a duster and give your countertops, coffee tables, and desks a quick once-over. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your place looks when everything’s dust-free.

Don’t forget to sweep or vacuum your floors. A great tip is to get some comfy house shoes or slip-on. Take off your outside shoes when you come in and use the slip-on ones. You’ll be cozier, and your floors won’t get dirty as often.

Lastly, spend a little time tidying up your bathrooms. A quick wipe-down of the sink and toilet and restocking of any supplies, such as toilet paper and soap, will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your bathroom.

So there you have it, my friend! Just 15 minutes a day, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done. Trust me. Your place will look and feel so much better in no time!

Conclusion of How to keep a clean apartment

Incorporating these cleaning hacks into your routine can help you maintain a clean and organized apartment without sacrificing precious time. 

By focusing on high-traffic areas, using multi-tasking cleaning tools, implementing a cleaning schedule, breaking down large tasks, and keeping cleaning supplies handy, you’ll be able to keep your apartment clean and tidy in just 15 minutes daily.

We’d love to hear from you if you found these cleaning hacks helpful! Leave a comment below with your favorite cleaning tips and tricks, or share any questions or concerns you have about keeping your apartment clean. Let’s keep the conversation going and help each other live our best, cleanest lives!

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  1. Tracey Avatar

    Fantastic article with lots of great tips!

  2. Kels Avatar

    Oh my gosh I loved this one ! Even in bigger homes (I’m not sure what larger home sizes equivilent USA vs AUS) but these ideas can still be implented. Especially the breaking down the chores into daily tasks for the week and location for cleaning products. (example our house is large but minimal cupboard space & affordability here for new ones is crazy!)
    Don’t forget if you have heating or cooling vents as well. These can get backed up and can be dangerous (fire) or even to ones health.
    Microfibre cloths are fantastic for glass! I use to use them when I worked as a window cleaner and no streaks = #winning.
    I must say I LOVE the idea of the 15 minute timer. I think I will try this one next !

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