Do You Buy Books New or Thrift

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Do You Buy Books New or Thrift? See our Boy vs. Girl results regarding buying and keeping books according to Thriftbooks. Who gifts books most often?

Do You Buy Books New or Thrift?

Long and Short Reviews have been doing a Blog hop all year on Wednesdays! My good friend over at DV Walking Wounded clued me in on the fun, and I decided to join in for the rest of the year. So every Wednesday, they have a topic, and each blogger who participates writes a post. Readers can go to the Long and Short Reviews page, see all the blogs, and read everyone’s different posts! It is a great idea! 

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This week's topic is Do You Buy Books New or Thrift?

I have to be honest; as much as I LOVE to read, I have not bought a physical book in years! On December 23, 2010, I purchased my 1st of a few Amazon Kindles. (I know because I actually searched my buying history, LOL) I love digital books for a few reasons. They are cheaper, I can buy them the moment they release without leaving my apartment, and I don’t have to store books anymore.

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So because I am curious and it is not much of a fun article if I just say “neither,” I did some research. 

According to Thriftbooks, I did a short boy vs. girl comparison. 

Do You Buy Books New or Thrift graph

The 1st Section here is Who buys books used more often? 

Girls 68% Boys 59%

The 2nd Section here is Who gifts books more often? 

Girls 21% Boys 11% 

The 3rd Section here is Who keeps their books more often?

Boys 60% Girls 52%

When I did buy books, I guess I was not the typical girl. I ALWAYS bought new, did not give books as gifts, and always kept my books until I moved into my current apartment. 

What are your preferences? How do you match up in this comparison? 

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Credit: Thriftbooks How We Buy, Mark & Share Books


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  1. I’m very much a digital girl myself!

    When I was younger, it was the library or nothing, but now, I’ll get a book by nearly any means necessary. I rarely give books as gifts, and I’m like a book dragon with the hoard I have going on (but am trying to pare down)!

    My post

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