Easily The Most Memorable Day In My Life

easily the most memorable day in my life
Bloganuary Prompt: "What is the most memorable gift you have received?" I didn't have to think about this prompt; I knew the most memorable day in my life

WordPress hosts a blogging Challenge in January. The challenge is called Bloganuary! Bloggers write every day in January to a prompt that is sent out each morning. I plan to jump in and do my best to write every day for the rest of the month!

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Today’s prompt is: 

What is the most memorable gift you have received?

In 2015, for my birthday, my husband James and my son Joe surprised me with a week-long vacation to the gorgeous island of Mackinac in northern Michigan. We stayed the entire week at the beautiful Mission Point Hotel right there on the island! 

It was a solid week of being spoiled, having fancy dinners, and shopping in all the excellent gift shops! We did all the tourist things like horse carriage rides and tours. We took long walks and watched sunrises from our ultra-fancy stateroom. Below is our view outside of our room! 

most memorable day in my life - view of the water and a boat from inside a hotel room

This vacation was the most magical, relaxing time for me and something totally out of our ordinary lives. I have always been close to the small town I was raised in.

I can count on one hand the number of times I went on vacation, so this was a rare treat! Every moment was exceptional, and I still fondly think of little things about this trip.

most memorable day in my life - mackinaw bridge

I have weekly therapy that stems from the trauma I have endured. You can see my story here if you are interested. This vacation has become my “happy place” I escape to it as much as I can! 

When I read this prompt this morning, I had not to doubt it was my most memorable gift. I am so grateful for the wonderful memories that were made that week! 

The most memorable day in my life

The best day of our vacation was my actual birthday, May 2nd. We woke up early, and my family said we could eat anywhere on the island for my birthday lunch and dinner. 

I wanted to go to one of Mackinac Island’s most popular restaurants, bars, and music venues, The Pink Pony, located inside the Chippewa Hotel, for lunch because I wanted a massive hamburger that I heard about from there. 

Little did we know that my birthday coincided with the Kentucky Derby that year! The Pink Pony was hosting a Derby party, which was crazy busy! I tried to say we should go somewhere else and my family would not have it! 

When we smooshed in there, my son loudly announced that it was my birthday to the waitress. We had the best service there that afternoon as if we were the only people served. And it was, to this day, the best hamburger I ever ate! 

most memorable day in my life horse dawn carrage and driver

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4 responses to “Easily The Most Memorable Day In My Life”

  1. Tracey L Weiss Avatar
    Tracey L Weiss

    What a charming story! I’ve never thought about going to Mackinac before but you make it sound like such a lovely place. It’s wonderful to hear about how much it lives in your memory

  2. James W Maxwell Avatar
    James W Maxwell

    I remember that Vacation fondly, it was so relaxing and yet we had plenty to do. I look forward to going there again.

    1. Danielle Maxwell Avatar

      Thank you! That was the greatest gift ever!

  3. Rae Avatar

    Sounds like the perfect vacation and birthday! Definitely seems like a place to visit

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