Find Your Fabulous Meal Planning Schedule Here

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There are basic principles to meal planning. The family won't complain about having broccoli each week if you follow the meal planning schedule. Free Printable

Find Your Fabulous Meal Planning Schedule Here + Printable

One thing I genuinely pride myself on is being organized for my family. I am the Chief Executor of Management here! LOL, I pay our bills, plan the meals and make all the appointments.

Planning the meals is sometimes SO hard for me because I get tired of making the same old thing and sitting at the desk with a blank look, staring off into space. Isn’t there a joke about adulting and planning dinner for the rest of your life?? Yeah!

I like to make spreadsheets, and I have a sheet for my budget. I am not great with formulas or anything (just a bit of know-how). I enjoy doing them, so I made one for my meal planning. It helps in many ways. For example, I keep the old sheets and look back on them for meal ideas. I can also see each meal at a glance, so we aren’t eating all beef or too much pasta. I like to mix things up!

My original sheet is just a very plain excel sheet with some merged cells, nothing much to mention. I sat down and made (I think) an excellent upgrade that I am sharing for free when you subscribe to my email list. Fill out the form below and comment that you would like to be sent the weekly Meal Planning Schedule, and I will send it to you right away!

Meal Planning Schedule Preview

Below is a preview of the sheet, all fancied up! I LOVE this one so much better and plan to use it from now on! I print these sheets and put them on my refrigerator so I can always know what we are making for the next few days. Knowing if you need to take the meat out of the freezer is helpful too!

Meal Planning Schedule Preview

I asked Google what people ask about a Meal Planning Schedule to see what questions might need an answer. Most people asked, “what the principles of meal planning are” So let’s look at that!

1) Balance

I mentioned this above; you do not want to have too much pasta or really anything in your diet! I plan a balance of meats, pasta, and vegetables for each dinner to ensure that we are adequately fed. It is not just about being organized: It is about proper nutrition.

2) Moderation

Moderation ties in with balance. If you are planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can see that you planned too many carbs on Monday and can switch your meals around accordingly. This is why I plan all three meals: it is more for myself than for James or Joe.

3) Variety

No one wants to eat the same thing every meal. You can look over your sheets and see, “Oh, I made spaghetti last week. Better find something for this week!” No one can remember what you made for dinner last Tuesday! But they will remember that you make spaghetti ALL the time.

These three reasons all go together but are equally important. I love my family, and I enjoy taking care of them. Besides, cooking is one of my favorite hobbies! Be sure to read the post My Famous Veggie Beef Soup Is Soup For The Soul for a look at my recipe! 

I hope you enjoy the Meal Planning Schedule! I hope it helps you and your family to a healthy balanced diet! 

If you like this post, please let me know in the comments! 

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    1. Hi! The printable is definitely a game-changer for me! It really helps me to stay organized and I do not forget to get items out of the freezer because I look at it at night before I go to bed. I would be happy to send you a free copy. Let me know!

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