Focus On My Personal Goals For 2023

Focus on my personal goals
You would not drive clear across the country without a map. You need a "map" for the next year too! A set of personal goals will guide you through the year!

Focus On My Personal Goals For 2023

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This week’s topic is: My Goals for 2023

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Introduction to Focus On My Personal Goals For 2023

Do you want to climb a mountain? Start a business? Make more time for family? What are your personal goals for 2023? These are my thoughts. 

As I approach the end of 2022, it is a great time to take a step back and think about my goals for the upcoming years. It is easy to get busy each day, so having a set of personal goals will give me a clear direction to follow. 

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Identify and Prioritize Personal Goals

One night I spent several hours writing in my journal all the things I hope to accomplish in 2023. Most of the goals are for my business. You may not know that I started an LLC for this blog this year. 

I have grand plans for the years to come regarding this blog. I need to scale it down into manageable parts so I don’t become overwhelmed and don’t want discouragement. 

Physical Health

I have personal plans and plans for my family, also! Some personal goals are to take better care of my health. 

I plan to:

  • Have a better diet
  • Regular exercise 
  • Drink more water
  • Monitor my blood pressure and blood sugar regularly. 
  • Loose weight
  • FINALLY, conquer the sleep routine

To those who know me, my sleep routine is a thorn in my side! I struggle with this so much. My doctors have all advised that I need a solid sleep routine. I get frustrated and give up time and time again. 

Mental Health

I am always focused on my mental health. This blog’s primary purpose is to help people with mental illness and those who have suffered trauma and abuse. 

My mental health is a mess at times. I need to keep myself balanced each and every day. If you deal with mental illness, you know it is a job to hold steady. 

My plans regarding my mental health are to stay vigilant and further educate myself to share my findings with others. I use the blog as that platform, which also goes with my business goals. 

Family goals

There has been a lot of turmoil this year with my extended family. Unfortunately, most of it is beyond my control, so I need to change how I respond to people. 

On January 18th weekly Wednesday blogging Challenge, I plan to talk about setting boundaries with family. It really is a difficult job. We can talk about it more then. 

I plan on going out more often with my little family of four (James, Joe, Jonah, and myself). In dealing with mental illness, I sometimes find it hard to get out of the house. My little puppy Jonah LOVES car rides, so that is part of the plan. 

Business goals

I could really write a novel here on my business goals for 2023! I will keep it a simple list, so you are not reading my post for hours. No one would find it as exciting as I do. 

I plan to:

  • Write great content
  • Improve my graphic skills 
  • Work on my editorial calendar
  • Create new and exciting printables 
  • Publish new low-content books to Amazon
  • Increase my traffic with good SEO and social media 

These are just a few things I wrote down on my marathon journal night. I have these plans broken down into much smaller steps to manage them. 

Create a Timeframe of personal goals for 2023

So I have identified some of my personal goals for 2023. Next, I need to create timeframes. I am not fabulous at this step, but if it is not planned, you will put off what you are least looking forward to. 

My least favorite one of these goals is the sleep schedule, so I will plan that first. 

  • I plan to start the task on January 1st, 2023
  • By April 1st, 2023, I plan to be on schedule four days a week. 
  • By August 1st, 2023, I plan to be on schedule seven days a week. 
  • By January 1st, 2024, I plan my sleep schedule to be regular.

Remove Distractions and Plan Ahead

I must remove distractions and plan ahead to stay with the sleep schedule goal. So I can think about all the distractions that keep me from achieving this goal. 

One is screen time. I use my tablet or cellphone in bed. I know that this is a big NO. The light from the screen keeps you stimulated. Once I get distracted by reading emails or social media, my mind works over time, which is not in line with going to sleep. 

I can plan ahead by reading my emails in the living room an hour before bedtime. If I clear the inbox out, I will not be thinking about it, AND my mind will have time to slow down before sleep. 

That is just one example of how to remove distractions and plan ahead. I have already started this list with this personal goal. I hope to win my battle with the sleep schedule finally! 

personal goals person writing with planning pages like a calendar while drinking coffee

Refocus When Necessary

Sometimes life just happens, and you get off track with your plans. It is OK to need to refocus, but don’t give up! I have a terrible habit of saying, “Oh, I failed, so I will stop trying this” You will not succeed at all this way. 

Refocus on your goals and adjusting them is OK! I have a backup plan if I lose track. I always restart the following Monday, so I quickly get back where I was. Don’t beat yourself up if things are not going as you want. You can change your circumstances. 

Conclusion: moving forward in personal goals for 2023

In conclusion, goal setting is important in achieving success in any endeavor. Identifying and prioritizing goals, creating a timeframe, removing distractions, and planning can help create a positive and productive environment. 

This process should also be continuously reevaluated as life circumstances may change with time. Refocusing when necessary is key to maintaining momentum and staying motivated. Following these steps will make it easier to stay on track while working towards achieving one’s goals.

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16 responses to “Focus On My Personal Goals For 2023”

  1. Tracey Weiss Avatar
    Tracey Weiss

    Such a wonderful, ambitious list of goals! I am very impressed. I don’t have near as many goals for this year but I feel like now maybe I should set a few more. 🙂

  2. Cassie Avatar

    Oooh you seem super organised, and I love how you’ve broken everything down into its constituent parts. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble with these – but good luck all the same! 🙂

  3. georgelthomas Avatar

    Excellent list of goals, Danielle. I think setting boundaries is one I could do with learning to achieve myself.

  4. Michael Mock Avatar

    That’s a very solid and impressively well-organized set of goals! Here’s wishing you the best of luck with all of them.

  5. Patrick M. Prescott Avatar

    Wow, you have this down to a science.

  6. Marianne Arkins Avatar

    You are SO organized (bullet points are very exciting, lol). I wish you well on everything, and I appreciate your outlook on the family problems (re: how you react to them more than trying to fix them) because that’s all we can do, really.

    Best of luck with it all!

  7. Aymee Avatar

    Great goals, I wish you luck with them all! Mental health is always a day by day thing, so staying vigilant is important.

    My post

  8. Judy Thomas Avatar

    You really have thought out your plans… good for you! I like the way you are planning for success. 🙂

    My post is here if you want to stop by!

  9. Lydia Avatar

    I love your goals! They’re so specific and detailed. I’ll be cheering you on this year as you work on them.

    And, yeah, setting boundaries is something I need to work on, too.

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