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Introducing PLR Canva Templates "Homeschool Subject Goals Planner"

Homeschool subject Goals Planner 1

This Planner is unique because it is all about helping Homeschool Mommas set goals for the most popular subjects of English, Science, and History. (Be sure to keep your eyes open for a limited-time offer to upgrade and add Math) 

Each section has sheets directly related to goal planning in the chosen subject! There are worksheets for each topic and thought-provoking reflections to help set their child’s individual learning needs. 

Also included are all the sheets that you would expect in a planner. A yearly sheet for 2023 and 2024, a Year at a Glance, and monthly, weekly, and daily sheets that were designed for this Planner. 

There are some extra sheets specially crafted for Homeschool Moms. 

  • Cover 
  • Belongs to
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Outings Log
  • Reading Log
  • Co-Op Meetings and Outings
  • Notes
  • Subject Dividers 
  • Goals Overview
  • Kindergarten – 12th-grade expectations for each subject 
  • Goal-Setting Worksheet for each subject
  • Reflections Instructions 
  • 10 Journal Sheets with prompts to set specific goals for each subject

Eighty-four distinctive pages in total! I hope you quickly grab this Planner and fall in love with its soft design!

Your customers will surely tell their homeschool friends how much they enjoy using this Homeschool Subject Goals Planner!

Homeschool subject goals planner pages

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