I Am Not A Revolutionary Bathroom Cleaning Machine

bathroom cleaning machine - running water in a tub with a fancy tray
Bloganuary prompt is: What chore do you find the most challenging to do? A bathroom cleaning machine would be a dream come true for me! I can not do it!

WordPress hosts a blogging Challenge in January. The challenge is called Bloganuary! Bloggers write every day in January to a prompt that is sent out each morning. I plan to jump in and do my best to write every day for the rest of the month!

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Bloganuary prompt is: What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

I Am Not A Revolutionary Bathroom Cleaning Machine

I was happy to see this topic today! Some time ago, I wrote an article called Least Favorite Chore; Everyone Cleans the Bathroom; You Should Too! I enjoyed writing that post very much! I found a quiz maker, which was my first time using it. Below is the quiz I created for that post.

What is Your Least Favorite Room to Clean

So please share with me! What is your least favorite room to clean? You know that room that REALLY needs it, and you put it off as long as you can! I know we all have it!

Here is what other readers said!

As you can see from the headline, I despise cleaning the bathroom! 

It is primarily because of the physical problems I have with my back. 

I love a pleasant clean environment for my family. My husband attended military school and is a veteran. He is highly used to things being tidy and in their place. 

We wipe down the cabinets and sink daily, but I am speaking about deep scrubbing the bathroom here. I’m not too fond of the chemical smell from too many cleaners in a tiny space. 

I read Quora, which was What is your least favorite cleaning chore? There were 31 answers, ranging from dusting to organization projects. One person said something about replacing the carpet! I get sucked into that site when I am researching things. People are interesting to me, so I like reading all the answers. 

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