Which do You Prefer, Free Books at the Library vs. Buying Books at the Book Store

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Library vs. buying books?? Which one are you?? I LOVE reading! It will be interesting to see others' responses! My answer is a secret till the end!
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Which do You Prefer, Free Books at the Library vs. Buying Books at the Book Store

In case you missed it, It’s Wednesday! And that means that it is Blog Hop day! Today’s topic is “Using the Libary vs. Buying a Book.”

You don’t know what I am talking about??  

Long and Short Reviews have been doing a Blog hop all year on Wednesdays! My good friend over at DV Walking Wounded clued me in on the fun, and I decided to join in for the rest of the year. So every Wednesday, they have a topic, and each blogger who participates writes a post. Readers can go to the Long and Short Reviews page, see all the blogs, and read everyone’s different posts! It is a great idea! 

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I always write an outline and Pinterest pins for my posts. Sometimes I start with the pin descriptions because it gives me good ideas for what I want to write about, and I am not very good at that part and need to practice more. I always make five pins for each post and schedule them far apart in date for my Pinterest profile. So I thought I would do it a little bit differently today and share each pin with you!

Pin #1

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Library vs. buying books. Which one do you prefer? I am keeping my answer a secret! There are many advantages to using the library! The biggest one is that it is free of course. Secondly, you can try out new authors or genres without investing in something you might not like. There is something special about GOING to the Libary. You are on a mini adventure and do not know what you will find! But which one is it for you?? Do you buy books or go to the Libary?

Pin #2

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Library vs. buying books Which one do you prefer? I am keeping my answer a secret! Buying books has some plus sides to it. Good luck if you go to the library to look for a book just released. Someone might have beat you to it. You have to keep checking back to try to get it! You also need to read your book in a certain amount of time. If you are busy, this might not be a good idea! You better not bend a page, either! That is terrible book etiquette.

Pin #3

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Library vs. buying books Which one do you prefer? I am keeping my answer a secret! Do you like going out? If you answer yes, the Libary might be a nice stop for you! It is usually a quiet place where you can sit and read and enjoy different surroundings other than your home. You can get out and pick a new read to get lost in. Books are an excellent escape and can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. The act of reading is a superb self-care tip.

Pin #4

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Library vs. buying books Which one do you prefer? I am keeping my answer a secret! Would you rather stay home? If you want something new to read, it can be as easy as click click! Buying books online is instant! Some of the giants like Amazon or Barnes and Noble have Ebooks in millions of titles. You can have a book in front of you quicker than it took to find it in the online store. Who wants to wait to go out or have to wait on shipping? Ebooks are cheaper too!

Pin #5

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Library vs. buying books Which one do you prefer? I am keeping my answer a secret! Do you love holding a book and feeling the pages, that smell of cracking open a new book? You can not get that feeling from digital books if you buy them or get them at the library! Do you like your books all neatly stacked on shelves or in piles everywhere?? Which room do you keep your books in? Do you prefer physical books or digital ones?


See how I played it all in different ways? I like to write fun Pinterest pin descriptions because that is always something that I read when I browse the site. It is a challenge for me to come up with five different descriptions for each post, but I really think it is important that they are unique.

So here is the kicker! My answer is hidden in the poll below. Answer your choice, and my answer will pop up!

I hope you had fun reading my Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge!

The poll collects NO information from you, nothing!! Except for your answer, so leave me a comment on what you picked!!! I would love to see your answers!

Library vs. Buying Books

Would you rather use the Library? OR Do you prefer Buying Books?

My answer is that I would rather buy digital books! I have an Amazon Kindle, and I love the instant gratification of wanting a book and reading it in a second or two. I also live in a cozy but TINY apartment where I no longer have places to store books. I also have memory issues with losing the physical book and/or my spot in an actual book. The Kindle constantly charges when not in use, and the page opens to where I last was reading! Win-Win for me!

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  1. It is frustrating when I has to wait for months on a popular book. I like using my library app on my kindle. That way I don’t has to go all the way to the library and borrow a book.

    1. Good Morning Judy! I LOVE the Blog Hop! Do you know if they do it each year? I have so much fun doing these types of posts. My blog is about mental health and abuse. Sometimes they are so emotionally draining for me. I want to help as many people as I can reach. I think we need some fun stuff too!

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