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My Best Friend Journal Printable

This Canva Template is Completely Editable

Leave this commercial use Canva Template “My Best Friend Journal” as is and sell it as your own, change font and color to match your brand, or totally go nuts with it and swap out all the graphics and make it something new! 

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My Best Friend Journal pages

My Best Friend Journal with Commercial rights. 

  • A celebration of friendship: The “My Best Friend Journal” is a heartfelt tribute to the bonds that uplift, inspire, and make life’s journey more meaningful.


  • Thoughtfully crafted prompts: Explore 100 journal prompts specifically designed to delve into the essence of the best friend relationship, fostering reflection, expression, and appreciation.


  • Empowering statements: Each lined page features an empowering statement like “You are loved” or “You are cherished,” reminding you of the incredible qualities that make your friendship special.



  • Whimsical heart-shaped balloons: Each page is adorned with a pair of heart-shaped balloons, adding a touch of whimsy and symbolizing the joy and lightness of friendships


  • Complete experience: Alongside the prompts, enjoy the elegant covers with triangular shapes and captivating fonts, a lined journal page for personal musings, and dedicated “Presented to” and “This journal belongs to” pages.


  • Cherished keepsake: Create a tangible legacy of your beautiful friendship, capturing the moments you’ve shared and celebrating the depth of your connection.



  • A meaningful gift: Give the “My Best Friend Journal” to your best friend as a heartfelt gift, expressing gratitude for the impact they have on your life.

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PLR License Terms

You CAN re-brand, customize, add or remove any elements to and from the pages.
You CAN sell pages as digital and/or physical products to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of other digital products and physical products that you sell to the end consumer for their personal use only.
You CAN incorporate the graphics into the creation of various marketing materials for your business promotional purposes.
You CAN use pages and the graphics in products that you use as lead magnets/opt-ins.
You CANNOT re-sell the private label rights of these coloring pages and graphics to your customers. 
This means that you CANNOT use these pages or graphics to create other PLR products.

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