Obnoxious Overused Character Stereotypes That Get Old

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Overused Character Stereotypes in books, you know you still love them! This is part of the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. Come see my answer to this topic

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

Long and Short Reviews have been doing a Blog hop all year on Wednesdays! My good friend over at DV Walking Wounded clued me in on the fun, and I decided to join in for the rest of the year. So every Wednesday, they have a topic, and each blogger who participates writes a post. Readers can go to the Long and Short Reviews page, see all the blogs, and read everyone’s different posts! It is a great idea!

This week’s topic is Overused Character Stereotypes.

Obnoxious Overused Character Stereotypes That Get Old 

I have been seriously struggling with this week’s topic! Oh, there are SO many options for answers to this topic, but that is not the reason. I always try to SEO (format so Google can find me) my blog posts. I could not work it into this topic, so I am going to just write! Here it goes! 

Today we are talking about overused character stereotypes that get old. I know this topic refers to book characters because the Long and Short Reviews site is about books! (just in case you are wondering) 

Damsels in Distress 

I LOVE to read! Since I started blogging in August of 2022, I have only had a little time to read for entertainment BUT a lot of reading for education. 

When I read for fun, I like fiction, usually police, detective, crime, and forensics. My favorite author is Iris Johanson. She writes a series that has almost 30 books in it called the Eve Ducan Series. 

Ms. Eve Duncan is by no means a weakling, but she is ALWAYS in distress. I swear, if I were this character, I would find an island and never move! I would just sit in my hut and hide. 

Before I discovered Iris Johanson, I always read romance books. Those books are almost always about a damsel in distress. Some of my favorite authors were Johanna Lindsey, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel. 

I remember when Amazon came out with the 1st Kindle! It was my Christmas present that year. I filled that thing up right away!!! I still always buy from the Kindle. 

Just because I feel funny not doing any research…here is a number for you, LOL. 

According to Goodreads, there are 4,494 books listed in their Damsel in distress section! 


Not my usual post, but to be honest, it is so much fun just to write! I keep a journal and love writing for enjoyment. 

This post made me look for a very old Johanna Lindsey book that was one of my favorites! I found it on Amazon and downloaded it to my Kindle while typing this! LOL, It is Silver Angel and was published on July 12, 2011. I’m promising myself that I will make some time to read it!

Overused Character Stereotypes main 2 - A book cover from Johanna Lindsay book Silver Angel of a woman sitting by a pool in a castle

What is your all-time favorite book?? Leave me a comment! 

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