Physical Symptoms of Anxiety that I Endure Every Day

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There are symptoms of Anxiety that I endure every day. Are you suffering? Do you know the signs of Anxiety? These are my real-life experiences.

    Physical Symptoms of Anxiety that I Endure Every Day

    I want to talk about symptoms of Anxiety that I deal with daily. Different forms of Anxiety may have people experiencing symptoms in other ways. 

     I am speaking about MY symptoms and how they affect me. I am not a Psychiatrist or Therapist. I highly recommend that you seek medical attention if you are experiencing Anxiety or any of these symptoms. I am confident speaking about this topic because I am personally diagnosed with multiple types of Anxiety disorders and live this life dealing with this mental illness. I wish to share my life experiences in hopes that I can help someone who is also living with mental illness.

    My Anxiety Disorders

    The anxiety disorders that I am diagnosed with are Generalized anxiety disorder and Panic disorder. Understanding which type of disorder we are speaking about is necessary because there are several types of anxiety disorders whose symptoms and causes differ.  

    Since I am not a Psychiatrist, I am not well versed in terms, so I researched both of the disorders I have. I found the most helpful article on the Mayo Clinic website. Generalized anxiety disorder is described as “Excessive Anxiety and worry about activities or events — even ordinary, routine issues,”

    How I experienced this

    At this time (September 2022), I have significant Anxiety revolving around leaving my apartment and driving. When I know I must go outside; I instantly get tense. These are just a few of my symptoms:

    • Feeling Nervous
    • Chest pains
    • Muscles tightening 
    • Nausea 

    If given the opportunity, these symptoms make me so physically ill that I am forced to either go sick or change plans and stay home. Nausea fast turns to vomit and diarrhea. I rationalize that I can not leave my house because I will throw up or have diarrhea outside.

    The article further explains, “It often occurs along with other anxiety disorders or depression.”  Depression is real for me. I think that I experience it for multiple reasons. Yes, Anxiety is one reason, along with Bipolar, and my childhood abuses all factor into depression.

    Panic Attacks

    Panic Disorder is about having a panic attack and then fearing you will have another one, so you avoid places and situations where it has happened. Panic attacks are extreme Anxiety like a race car, which goes from zero to a million in .5 seconds.

    Symptoms of Anxiety

    Speaking for myself, I could be excellent at one moment, and the next, I start sweating. As soon as I start feeling hot, I know it is coming. Knowing that this panic is going to happen accelerates it. These are some symptoms of a panic attack. 

    • Pounding heart
    • Dry mouth 
    • Quick breathing (the start of hyperventilation) 
    • The feeling that you are in danger (some psychiatrists refer to this as fight or flight, the feeling you have to survive) 
    • Shaking 

    This list is typical of symptoms that I endure from a panic attack. Sometimes, there are more symptoms; sometimes, it is not as bad. I have personally been rushed to the hospital during a panic attack that was masked as a heart attack. The chest pain was unreal! I ended up in the emergency room for a few hours, and the doctors there administered anxiety medication. In a few hours, I was relaxed, and the chest pains disappeared.


    Another symptom of Anxiety is Exhaustion. It does not matter if I have slept fifteen hours; I will be tired in a short time of getting up. I am exhausted all the time. I think it is also an escape feeling for me. If I am anxious, I just want to be in my bed and sleep it off. I need to take my mind and body away from the Anxiety. Having a poor sleep schedule is a sign of mental illness in me.

    Dental issues

    Jaw clenching and Teeth grinding can cause some serious dental problems. These symptoms, along with other dental issues, have caused me that I now have to wear dentures. My teeth were in complete decay from braces that the dentist put on incorrectly. The braces were necessary from jaw clenching and teeth grinding through my childhood and teen years. I have beautiful teeth now, but dentures are not fun! A lot is going on with them, and it causes more Anxiety for me. What if I get food under my dentures in public? What if they move too much while I am talking? What will people think of me being so young with dentures?

    My Mind and Symptoms of Anxiety

    Anxiety affects my mind. I have a hard time staying on track. The lack of focus makes tasks difficult for me. It was the start of the downfall in my career. I was an extremely organized person and went having no direction at all. All of my projects fell apart because I could not complete the steps. 

    I often feel restless and fidgety. I will give an everyday example: I wake up in the morning and have no idea what the day will bring, so I start to feel on edge. I wander around our apartment aimlessly, looking at things that need to be done, and I experience the restless feeling that I need to clean or work on something, but I don’t want to. Fidgety follows this, and I just mess around with things in an attempt to be busy.


    I feel that my childhood trauma brought on my mental illness of Anxiety; you can read “Uncover My Account In The Journey Of My Life” here. It is a detailed story of mental, physical, and sexual childhood abuse.

    You should seek medical attention if experiencing some or all of these symptoms. Anxiety is a challenging mental illness; you shouldn’t face it alone. Sometimes your doctor can treat it with medication and or talk therapy. Please do not suffer in silence or think it will go away. Anxiety is no way to live. Believe me, I know. 

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