Introducing The Best Sims 4 Halloween With Photos

Sims 4 Halloween Main 1 purple lighted gaming area with game chair and desk lighted keyboard
Sims 4 Halloween! Holidays are the best time to play the Sims if you have the Seasons pack. You can have parties and all the fun of each holiday.

Introducing The Best Sims 4 Halloween With Photos

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about how I missed spending the holidays with my family. I also wrote an article about my addiction to The Sims life simulation game. One of the ways I cope with the loneliness of the holidays is to lose myself in my “Sim” families and their holidays. The following is how I “celebrated” my Halloween.


Meet Tammy and Akira. Tammy is a stay-at-home mom who loves to paint and wants all the best things in life. Akira is a programmer who adores his wife but can sometimes be more than a little jealous. They are excited to begin their new family.

Sims 4 Halloween pic1

It doesn’t take long before they have a little girl named Bridgette. Akira is enamored and can’t stop staring at his little girl. While Akira is at work, Mom works hard painting and taking care of the baby and is so exhausted she doesn’t even have time to shave her legs.

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Bridgette quickly grows into a curious toddler. She isn’t sure what to make of these Halloween decorations and tells Mamma that she’d rather have a puppy. Mama says, “Maybe next year.”

Sims 4 halloween pic6
Sims 4 halloween pic7

Bridgette grows into a lovely young lady who is given everything she desires by her Mamma and Pappa. Everything except that puppy.

Sims 4 halloween pic8

Tammy promises her daughter that if she does her homework and behaves, there “may” be a surprise for her this coming Halloween.

Sims 4 halloween pic9

Finally, the day arrives!

Tammy and Akira threw a great party, but I was so into the celebration that I just remembered I needed to take pictures. But that’s the best kind of Sims game – when you’re having so much fun that you forget everything around you and melt into the joy of creating your own world.

sims 4 halloween pic10

Akira did make good on his promise and presented Bridgette with Brandy! The two fell instantly in love, and Bridgette gave her Pappa a massive hug of appreciation.

Sims 4 halloween pic11
sims 4 halloween pic 12

The family played a little bit in their costumes the next day. Of course, while Bridgette ignored her responsibilities and played in a leaf pile, Akira and Tammy were left to train and care for Brandy.

sims 4 halloween pic13
sims 4 halloween pic14

And that’s about how I remember it when I was a child. My brother and I were well-behaved for the weeks leading up to Halloween so we could enjoy all the candy we collected, but our dogs, whom we loved very much and enjoyed playing with regularly, were ignored when it came time to do the “dirty” work. That always seemed to fall to Mom and Dad.


It wasn’t my intention to recreate the holidays from my childhood but rather to immerse myself in the holidays of these fascinating pixilated people who have captured my attention for the last 22 years. This game is truly cathartic and relaxing for me. It doesn’t take away the pain of a lonely holiday season, but it lets me forget for a while and be “at the moment” with my Sims.


Happy Holidays!

Tawney Odin

Tawney Odin

Tawney Odin

Tawney was born in Ventura County, California, and has been a Southern California girl most of her life, barring a short stint at Utah Technical College. She lives with her wonderful husband in a small home but is all their own (no home loan). She is still good friends with most of the same crowd she hung out with in High School, although they are spread far and wide now. She has loved playing the Sims since it was released in 2000 and also enjoys cross stitching, paper crafting, NASCAR, and volunteering with friends at San Diego Comic-Con since the 1980s. She also loves to read and is grateful for the wonderful friends she has gathered through gaming and other social media.

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