Suicide Prevention Month #BeThe1to Rally to Save a Life

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September is Suicide Prevention Month, focusing on #BeThe1To. There are five steps to "Be the one to." help your loved one that is in crisis.

Suicide Prevention Month #BeThe1To 5 Steps to Victory to Save a Life

September is Suicide Prevention Month, focusing on #BeThe1To. There are five steps to “Be the one to.” help your loved one that is in crisis. The steps are

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#BeThe1To Ask

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Asking your friend or family member if they are thinking about suicide is a challenging question. Studies have shown that people who have suicidal ideations are relieved when someone straight out asks them.

It is a weight off them to open up and seek help. Be gentle and compassionate. Ask them directly, “Are you planning or thinking about killing yourself?”

Asking this tough question can reduce the risk of your loved one following through.

#BeThe1To Be There

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Be there. Listening without judgment is a top way to reduce the risk of suicide or suicidal ideation. Once your loved one has said “Yes,” you need to be there while they open up.

They desperately need someone to listen to them. You can help them by not asking questions like “How can you think that?” without judgment! Just love!

#BeThe1To Keep Them Safe

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You should ask your loved ones how they plan to kill themself and then help to remove them from the method—for example, eliminating weapons, locking up medications, and helping to administer them correctly. You could withdraw your friend from their current environment and ask them to come to stay the night with you so you can help further.

#BeThe1To Help Them Stay Connected

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Help them stay connected. Statistics have proven that if you can help someone connect and stay connected to resources and support systems, you can significantly reduce the risk of suicide. Be prepared with the phone or text numbers your friend will need to connect to before you approach them. 988 is the national lifeline number.

#BeThe1To Follow Up

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The last step is to Follow up. Aftercare is critical to reducing the thoughts of a suicide returning, especially after an inpatient discharge. 

Your friend will need you to check up on them and tell them that you love them immensely! 

Things you can do to follow up

  • You can give them a call 
  • Send a handwritten card
  • Text them
  • Send flowers or a small gift
  • Invite them to lunch

As September is coming to an end, we must remember that Suicide prevention must be every day! Be aware if your loved ones’ personalities change or their mood is downcast. Be the one!

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