The Reasons Why Junk Journaling Is Sensational

Junk Journals why they are sensational
Junk journaling is an art form where you repurpose old books, magazines, and other materials to create a unique scrapbook-style journal. I love papercrafts!

The Reasons Why Junk Journaling Is Sensational

Introduction to junk journaling

I’m not alone when I say that I have been a fan of paper crafts all my life. Paper crafting has occupied me for hours, and it is so satisfying to see the completed product! 

Recently, I’ve been getting more serious and exploring more intricate projects, such as junk journaling. Junk journaling is an art form where you repurpose old books, magazines, and other materials to create a unique scrapbook-style journal.

My paper craft journey

I started with scrapbooking: Those big, beautiful 12 x 12 pages of photos mounted on gorgeous background papers with lovely and whimsical embellishments. I made them for myself and even made a couple for friends. 

Then I discovered handmade cards. Oh, joy! The beauty of scrapbooks on a smaller scale and less time-consuming is that I could share them with friends more easily. 

I became obsessed with it and have continued with it to this day, making dozens and dozens of Birthday cards, thank you cards and thinking of you cards each year. 

There is great satisfaction in completing each one and a delighted little buzz whenever the receiver tells me how much they appreciate it.

How I discovered junk journaling

While working on some cards a few years ago, I found a video on YouTube about “junk journaling.” Since it had to do with paper crafting, I was instantly intrigued. 

I watched the video and was mesmerized by the sheer elegance of this journal a woman had put together using the cover of an old book, some twine, and these breathtakingly beautiful embellishments I’d never seen before. 

There were also these “pockets” throughout the journal, which housed embellishments from a bygone era that included everything from business cards to old photos to advertisements from the turn of the 19th Century to fancy journaling cards. But none of it was really “old.” They were all reproductions but still gorgeous. 

The journal was also decorated with delicate lace and fabric. She had taken the book cover and turned it into art. I was utterly blown away and thoroughly confused. There wasn’t a theme to the book, and there was a minimal area to write in. 

What exactly is junk journaling

I was in love, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the purpose of a “junk journal.” Then I found a YouTube channel by a lady named Joie de fi, and she described a junk journal as: “One that’s made from lots of different otherwise discardable supplies.” 

That turned on a light bulb in my head, and suddenly I had all kinds of ideas for junk journals. There doesn’t have to be a purpose for a junk journal other than to enjoy all the beautiful crafting supplies I’ve acquired over the years. 

I’ve been so afraid to use some of those supplies because I’ve considered them “too beautiful” to use. I loved them so much and didn’t want to make a mistake with them or feel I had to make something “special.” Well, now I have a special place to enjoy these beautiful collections. 

Junk journals can be done in something other than an already existing book, although you can find many beautiful leather-bound or cloth-bound books that are just ripe for journaling. 

My supplies

I made my first couple of journals from empty cereal boxes. I’ve also made a couple of “mini” journals from old over-the-counter painkiller boxes. I’m currently using an old book on how to draw as a kind of “practice” journal for when I need to muster up some inspiration. 

There are plenty of videos out there that will show you all the different ways to create your journals. I won’t get into all the techniques because I’m no teacher, but there are many ways to create covers, signatures, pockets, belly bands, and on and on.

I’ve made several journals so far. I gave a friend one as a gift to remember her travels to Paris. I’m working on several more. I’ll keep some for myself, but I may give a few others as gifts.

My Style

Each has a vintage feel because that’s my favorite style, but a junk journal can be in any style you choose. I’ve seen people make junk journals with children’s stickers or with random collectibles they’ve acquired throughout their lives (gum wrappers, movie tickets, family letters, etc.). 

The possibilities are endless, and there is no way you can get anything “wrong” because it’s just “discardable supplies.” That philosophy has freed my mind, and junk journaling has become a relaxing pastime. 

Sometimes I will include a “journaling card” here and there in my journals. I only do that if the page needs a reference or explanation. For me, the creation itself tells the story. Also, I’ll add a few words here and there throughout my journals to capture a feeling or enhance a photo. 

Honestly, there is no end to the “whats” and “whys” of junk journaling. It is a personal creation, making me more creative in all my other crafting endeavors. The freedom of junk journaling takes me to a place of serenity and peace. A little bit like Heaven, I imagine.

Some creators of junk journals

If junk journaling sounds interesting, I recommend searching YouTube for the words “junk journal.” You will find thousands of videos to inspire you and get you started. 

A few of my favorite journal creators are:

  • Joie de fi
  • Yvonne Preston’s Journal Creations
  • Teal and Tattered Journals
  • Shabbydabbydoodah
  • Johanna Clough

I also found this great Blog post called 8 Reasons To Love Junk Journals. It has fantastic information, pictures, and another YouTube video! 


In conclusion, I love creating and collecting junk journals because of the endless possibilities – I’m always surprised by what I can make. I’ve shared with you some of my favorite YouTube creators to follow if you want to create your unique journal. 

So grab your supplies and get creative! With junk journals, no two are ever alike. Let’s turn our dreams into reality and fill our pages with colorful stories!

Please leave me any questions or comments on Junk Journaling! 

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    James W Maxwell

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