Unconditional Love Of The Pevensie Siblings

The Pevensie Siblings share great bonds between them. They experience the tragic effects of war together and all the adventures in magical Narnia.

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Unconditional Love Of The Pevensie Siblings

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This week’s topic is: Best Fictional Sibling

Introduction of the Pevensie Siblings

I want to start by saying I have hunted far and wide for royalty-free pictures from the movie to no avail. I am sure taking them off Google is not a good practice, SO I highly recommend watching the film to see the fabulous world of Narnia! 

Who are the Pevensie Siblings? You might recognize that name if you are a fan of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe books or The Chronicles of Narnia. 

The books of the Chronicles of Narnia were Published: from October 1950 – September 1956. This fascinating story written by C. S. Lewis has been adapted for radio, television, the stage, film, and video games, according to The Chronicles of Narnia Wikipedia 

I clearly remember the 1st movie of the series coming out in 2005. My family was so excited to see this movie in the theaters! I instantly fell in love with the characters. So let’s look at the Pevensie Siblings.

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Peter Pevensie or High King Peter the Magnificent 

Peter is a beloved swordsman. He is part of the Pevensie family and the eldest brother to three fantastic siblings. Not only is Peter an impressive warrior, but he is also an adoring big brother. 

Peter’s commitment to protecting his siblings through all sorts of magical adventures is truly admirable. When danger lurks, Peter stands tall with his sword and armor, ready for battle. In quieter moments, you can see how deeply devoted he is to his siblings, which warms your heart. 

The relationship between this heroic brother and his siblings provides a beautiful example of deep family love. 

Susan Pevensie or Queen Susan the Gentle 

Susan is the mother type of the group. She’s always looking out for her siblings and can be seen bossing them around from time to time. Despite her caution, Susan still loves to have fun and show off her skills with a bow and arrow during battles. 

However, Susan truly stands out in her ability to stay calm despite the danger. While the rest of the Pevensies may be panicking or feeling overwhelmed by a situation, Susan will remain composed and figure out how best to tackle it head-on. She takes charge when needed. She forgets about Narnia after growing up and being told that she will never return. 

Edmund Pevensie or King Edmund the Just

Edmund Pevensie is a troublemaker and loves to tease his siblings. He’s always getting up to something – whether playing pranks or stirring up a bit of mischief. Unfortunately, this mischievous behavior doesn’t stop when he and his siblings enter Narnia. Edmund continues his teasing but also does something unforgivable: betraying them. 

Having made an allegiance with the White Witch in return for Turkish Delight, Edmund is deceitful to the point where even his brother and sisters don’t recognize him anymore. He has changed from being naughty but loveable to one who cannot be trusted by anyone – not even himself! Despite this change in character, Edmund eventually learns from his mistakes and becomes an important figure within Narnia.

Lucy Pevensie or Queen Lucy the Valiant

The Pevensie Siblings are well-known around Narnia for their bravery, courage, and loyalty. But one amongst them stands out as the most devoted to Aslan – Lucy. From her first steps into the magical world of Narnia, she has been a great friend to all creatures.

Lucy’s love for animals is unique, and it helps her befriend many of the creatures she meets throughout her adventures in Narnia. She never stops believing in the benevolence of Aslan or in his power to protect those who follow him faithfully. 

Conclusion of Unconditional Love Of The Pevensie Siblings

The Pevensie siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are some of fiction’s most delightful characters. Their unconditional love for each other is one of the main components that makes them such beloved characters. From their bravery and courage to their unbreakable bond as siblings, it’s no wonder why readers can’t help but fall in love with them.

Throughout The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S Lewis, we witness the Pevensie sibling’s unique connection to one another grow stronger and stronger as they go through magical lands together. Through thick and thin, these four sticks together like glue and show us all that nothing is more powerful than a family united by love.

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  1. Patrick Prescott Avatar

    A wonderful Indepth understanding of the family.

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    I so agree with you… I have a feeling these four will be on a lot of lists today. You can see some of my other choices here

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      Hi Ms. Judy! I actually wanted to do the Weasleys from Harry Potter, but the difficulty rating for them was too high! 🙂 I am always after having my blog optimized! It is really fun to see how keyword research leads you down paths! I love these four also! So it worked

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    Good answer! I picked the same one. 🙂

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