Unique Crochet Hat Is My Favorite Crafty Thing

crochet hat white yarn being crochet
I love to make a crochet hat. I use crochet as a coping skill for my mental health. I found an excellent way to use my skills to help others in my community!

Unique Crochet Hat Is My Favorite Crafty Thing

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

Long and Short Reviews have been doing a Blog hop all year on Wednesdays! My good friend over at DV Walking Wounded clued me in on the fun, and I decided to join in for the rest of the year. So every Wednesday, they have a topic, and each blogger who participates writes a post. Readers can go to the Long and Short Reviews page, see all the blogs, and read everyone’s different posts! It is a great idea! 

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This week’s topic is: Favorite Crafty Thing To Do

Making Unique Crochet Hat Is My Favorite Crafty Thing To Do

You absolutely have to read one of my first articles! The Beginning of My Crochet Obsession It is not a perfect post by any means, but I LOVE to talk about crochet! 

Some people only see my Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Posts. My main focus on this blog is mental health, self-care, and some trauma I have endured. I bring this up because I use my hobbies as coping skills. 

Crochet is a HUGE part of my everyday life. If you crochet, you know there is no way to think about stress or deal with problematic symptoms when focused on counting crochet stitches. 

A need to donate

Every person that I personally know has a blanket, throw, dish clothes, or towel handmade by me! I was running out of people to gift things to! 

I have so many blankets packed in boxes. It is crazy! 

I need to continue to crochet to support my mental health, so I looked into making donations. 

My Church is a refuge for the homeless in our area. The Church does a food pantry, a warming and cooling center, and a soup kitchen. My Pastor is knowledgeable about what people could use and need. I asked her if blankets were a good idea because those really keep me busy, and I love making them. 

Unfortunately, she said no because yarn can get heavy and freeze if wet, which would be worse for those outside. She said I could donate some to the Church to stay there for the warming center, but they didn’t need many. 

The answer was found in a crochet hat. 

She had a better idea! My Pastor said hats were handy as they are small and can be put in a pocket when not used. They would help to keep people warm, and they would like them. 

To be truthful, I had never made a crochet hat, so I was scared. I needed to learn how to work in a round at this point. I set out to learn! I found many free crochet hat patterns on YouTube so that I could watch the process.

Yarn Weight

I thought bulky weight yarn would be wrong because it needed to be folded up to go into a pocket. Aran weight yarn is thin and used for very delicate things. Not a good choice! 

I wanted to make something warm, so I wanted to use worsted-weight yarn (a middle-grade. thickness). 

crochet hat - pae green yarn being crochet in a circle

I found some Lion Brand worsted weight yarn in my collection, grabbed my favorite crochet hooks, and set out to make a hat! The Lion Brand colors were perfect because they were on the darker side. 

Most people who come to the Church for assistance are male, so I thought they might appreciate darker colors, and I opted for no pom poms. 

Patterns for men’s crochet hat

I was looking for free crochet patterns that were beginner friendly but still looked like they were made with love! I found a ribbed crochet beanie pattern that looked easy. 

I had one problem, I couldn’t use a hat size chart because I needed to know who would end up with the hats to use the charts, which wasn’t possible. 

My adult son Joe is an average size guy, so he became my model! I thoroughly annoyed him over the next week as I tried to figure out the pattern. He is a good sport! Below is the 1st prototype hat modeled by my handsome son Joe 

Crochet hat - picture of Joe wearing a brown hat

It really did not take me too long to get started once I found the correct crochet hook size. I used an easy free pattern that I was surprised was just the chain and double crochet stitch worked in a circle. It was nothing to be scared about, and I started stockpiling the crochet hats.

crochet hat - table picture with many different colored crochet hats

A New Pattern for the Crochet Hat 

I found the linked pattern and instantly fell in love with it! It is called CARON RIDGES FAMILY CROCHET HAT, and there is even a video tutorial to follow! 

This pattern became my go-to for crochet hats. 


I still crochet these hats year round so I can donate them sometimes to my Church, sometimes to a homeless program in my community, and lastly to the Salvation Army. 

It is my favorite crafty thing to do! 

To my reader who enjoys these Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Posts, this is the last one for this year! I will miss these as well. They are fun to write! 

I have asked about Wednesday’s Weekly Blogging Challenge next year and was told it will return!!!! See you next year Long and Short Reviews folks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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